Acadiana Roof Restoration LLC is a Roof Maxx Dealer and a Fortified Roof Contractor in Louisiana

Think you need another roof? Think again!

Two “money saving” roof options in Louisiana..

  1. Existing Roof Restoration with a Roof Maxx Treatment
  2. New Roof Replacement with a “Fortified Roofing” Designation

1) Roof Restoration with Roof Maxx can be as low as 15% of the cost of a roof replacement.

Acadiana Roof Restoration LLC is a Louisiana and US Veteran owned Roof Maxx Certified 5-Star Dealership for asphalt shingles. Roof Maxx roof restoration and rejuvenation is a safe, easy, proven and affordable alternative to a complicated, expensive and life-disrupting asphalt roof replacement.

Changes in oil refining started to reduce the amount of asphalt available, causing costs to skyrocket and shingle manufacturers to include less asphalt. That meant less of the natural oils that give shingles the flexibility to withstand the elements over time. Today, that means asphalt roofs don’t last as long as they used to. (Search the web for “class-action roofing lawsuits” to get a sense of how bad it’s gotten out there.) A Roof Maxx treatment can help solve this expensive problem.

“Today, you’re lucky to get 8 years out of your asphalt shingles before they start to “dry up” and lose the flexibility needed to withstand the weather elements for property protection.”

Mike Feazel – CEO Roof Maxx

2) Roof Replacement building code standards in Louisiana are very “standard”. These basic standards (along with roof damages from hurricanes in the billions) are forcing insurance companies to leave Louisiana. More than a dozen insurance companies have left our state in the past three years.

If you are installing a new asphalt shingle roof, you should choose a standard that can survive our next weather event while helping you to save money on your home insurance policy. We are certified to designate your roof to the highest performing standard in the industry.

Fortified roofer in Louisiana

Acadiana Roof Restoration LLC is a certified FORTIFIED Roof Contractor.

On the Louisiana coast, severe weather brings powerful winds, torrential rain and even hurricanes. We can help you defend your home with a FORTIFIED Roof package, developed using cutting-edge science to protect against extreme weather. Based on two decades of research by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, the FORTIFIED building standards define a series of upgrades that go beyond typical building codes to make homes stronger and better able to guard against severe weather.

Acadiana Roof Restoration LL is a Certified Fortified Roofing Contractor for the Louisiana Fortified Roofing Grant. (Regulation 126- Louisiana Fortify Homes Program LAC37:XIII Chapter 182)

Click here to apply for the Fortified Grant

Additionally, having a FORTIFIED Roof can help lower the price of your home insurance, thus quickly paying off the additional roofing cost (extra work and inspections for designation) from the difference in your policy payments.

It’s a win-win!

Why Acadiana Roof Restoration LLC?

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