Roof Maxx testimonials

Hail storm testimony

I was losing shingles in heavy winds and was told by a roofing company that I needed a new $20,000 roof. I heard about Roof Maxx and decided to get a 2nd opinion. Jason pointed out that my shingles were dried out (brittle) and that I was a candidate for their treatment and 5 year warranty. For about 20% of the replacement cost, they treated my roof. I saved a lot of money using Louisiana Roof Restoration and would highly recommend them today.

Jeff H – Home owner

When they came out to apply the Roof Maxx product, it was, maybe, 2 hours. You didn’t even know they were there.”

Vicky G- Home owner

I’d recommend Roof Maxx to anyone interested in preserving their shingles and getting the full life out of them.

Paul H – Home owner

Commercial property testimonials

Knowing this Louisiana roof restoration team has been a huge advantage to me as a realtor. Their Roof Maxx treatment has saved several of my listings, especially after a home inspection identifies a failing asphalt roof in a report. Ashley pointed out to my client that the Roof Maxx warranty was transferable to the new home owner. The seller and the buyer were both happy with the results and savings.

Simone G- Realtor