Gutter Protection

Acadiana Roof Restoration LLC offers premium gutter protection systems in Lafayette, Louisiana.

After proven research and client feedback, we’ve identified three simple ABSOLUTES needed in a gutter guard system to keep it working effortlessly for the lifetime of your gutters. The systems we install include the following features.

  1. Micro-Filtration designed to catch only rain water.
  2. Pitched to match the angle of your roof to eliminate collecting debris
  3. Copper technology to kill moss, algae, keeping your guards clean

1). Micro-filtration

Micro-filtration that allows only rain water to enter into the gutter is key to success. Water should flow freely out of the gutter. Anything else allowed inside your gutter will eventually slow water flow.

When Debris is allowed to enter into the gutter you will need to take the protectors off and then clean them out on a regular basis. If not, the clogged gutter can cause damage due to the excessive weight and water overflow. This clogged gutter can back flow water onto the fascia and soffit areas causing wood rot.

2). Pitched to match roof angle

When the gutter protection is installed with the pitch of the roof (minimum of 3/12 ) our gutter protectors collect rain while the debris falls off.

When installed and documented correctly per specs, this gutter protection installation will in no way change any existing shingle manufacturer warranty.

Most gutter protectors trap debris due to their flat installation design. This can be a problem if not cleaned off periodically.

Master Shield Gutter protection from Acadiana Roof Restoration LLC

3) Copper infusion kills organic issues

Having a micro-mesh protector is great until it clogs up due to moss, lichen, algae.

organics growing into the protector

Copper infused technology keeps the guards clean.

The only clear choice for gutter protection when your roof shows signs of algae and lichens growth in our hot and humid Lafayette.

Three gutter guard systems that we offer

MicroMax Gutter guards are affordable stainless steel Micro-Mesh gutter covers. They’re designed to keep out everything- except water- Guaranteed!

Klean gutter out performs many well-known, expensive, dealer-installed systems…including some that you’ve probably seen on TV.

Master Shield is designed to be totally maintenance free with self cleaning properties, unlike any other gutter protection system in the market.

Our Flagship Gutter Protection- Master Shield